5 Things that Annoy Me

17 10 2008

I’m sitting here in Caribou and the guy two tables away has been watching highlights of last weeks NFL games for the last hour. How do I know? The info is blaring out of the speakers on his computer. Thought I take a second and share 5 things that annoy me.

1. Not wearing headphones…in a coffee house when playing something on their computer. Are they oblivious to people around them or do they think what they are watching is so important that everyone wants to hear it? Dude, headphones are only $7 bucks.

2. eCards…Sorry ladies i know that you love to getting one of these in your inbox, but to me they are annoyingly slow to load. I know it’s the thought that counts, so just send me two sentences of your thoughts in an email. I would love that! It will mean more than 20 eCards of dancing puppies and lame jokes.

3. Waiting Rooms…need to say more. Just the name is messed up. A room designated just for waiting. Who was the brilliant guy who came up with that idea? Let’s get a room just to mess with people for a while.

4. FWD emails…Actually I got one this week that was good, but for the most part they are either falsified info or unimportant trivia. What I can’t stand is Christian emails with that lame guilt trip at the end “if you really love Jesus” you will forward this to 10 friends. I don’t remember Jesus saying “Love God and Love People are pretty important things, but if you REALLY love me, you’ll forward lame emails to friends.”

5. Low Rider Pants...I’m all for style, but this has been the lamest pant trend. I remember first seeing it back in 1994 when I was working in a juvenile detention center. And it’s not a urban or suburban thing, it’s everywhere. Guys, come on it’s been 14 years! Time to pull them up. That’s so 90’s. SERIOUSLY DUDE, all of us have no interest in seeing your underwear.

Okay that may not have felt good for you…but I needed a little relief after listening to the highlights of every NFL game. Hey…why not add a 6th because he just sat down three tables away.

6. LOUD CELL PHONE TALKERS. Dude, they can hear you. Shut up!




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