Leadership Decision Making

28 10 2008

Friday night we had a leadership summit with our partner church in Detroit. The DVD Session was Bill Hybels from the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. As always Bill rocked my leadership world. The thrust of the talk was Leadership is Making High Stakes Decisions. He laid out this introductory system and then challenged us to come up with leadership axioms which shape our decisions.

1. Does the Bible say anything about this?

2. What do smart advisers advise me to do?

3. What does my own wisdom from past pain, gain and experiencing say in regards to this decision?

4. Where is the Spirit prompting me?

Great Leaders add to the vault of their own wisdom of previous decisions and compress their leadership into Leadership Axioms. Here were a few he mentioned:

1. Vision leaks

2. Get the Right people around the table

3. Facts are your friend

4. When something feels funky – Engage!

5. Leaders call fouls.

6. Take a Flyer.

7. This is church.

This week I’ll post some of my axioms and I look forward to hearing about your leadership axioms



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