My Top 10: Thoughts on Life

13 11 2008

Every Thursday I meet Jesus for lunch to listen to Him and seek His direction for life. As I paused to reflect today, I was moved to write down some thoughts on life. I think in the future I’ll write Tops 10’s on marriage, family, leadership, teamwork, etc. So here’s my top 10 thoughts on Life.

1. God is good all the time: Many people make God into a circumstantial God. He’s not. He is bigger than your circumstances.

2. Be thankful: Diligently notice the small things He’s given you.

3. Be risky with love: A heart broken is still better than a heart unwilling to love.

4. Hold on to people loosely: Free people to pursue God’s vision for their life.

5. Give your heart to God: Daily go to the place of complete surrender to Christ.

6. Dependence on Christ is mandatory: The depth of God’s love will reach down to where you are.

7. Attempt great things for God: Choose potential failure over what has been done before.

8. Don’t compromise God’s vision: Follow God’s voice to where He wants to take you.

9. Don’t compromise your integrity: Once lost, it takes a long time to get it back.

10. Don’t Settle: God always has better things in store for you. He is faithful.

11. BONUS: It’s Not About You: So get over yourself.




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