30/30: Christmas. Joseph. An Extraordinary Life.

19 12 2008

My favorite character in the Christmas story is Joseph. His experience two thousand years ago is the most like our spiritual experience today. Joe was trying to do everything right, but everything in his life went wrong. He’s in love with this girl, but she doesn’t seem to be in love with him. He’s committed to her, but now she’s doesn’t seem to be committed to him. She’s pregnant. At best she cheated on him or at worst she’s delusional thinking God did this. His hopes and his dreams for his marriage where completely messed up. Both his friends and his heart said “dump the girl.”

But an angel of God shows up and says continue the relationship with Mary. The interesting thing is God called Joe to a life that no one would have demanded him…no one would have expected of him…no one would have even desired of him. When God steps into our life, He always He calls always calls us to a higher level of righteousness. And Joe steps into that divine moment with God and does the unexpected. He continues the relationship with Mary.

The interesting thing is that Joe could have had a good life without Mary, but it wouldn’t have been the extraordinary life that he was invited into by God. This is the same for you and I. We often are not choosing between a sinful life and godly life. But we are choosing between an ordinary life and an extraordinary life. Between a common life and an uncommon one. Between an everyday life and an eternal life. If Joe had followed through and let go of Mary, his life would have been normal, ordinary and most likely easier.

But God is inviting all of us to step into a divine moment. When we follow Christ our lives become more complicated, not simpler. They get more disturbed, not more comfortable. The journey of life with Mary led Joseph to experience to less stability, less predictably, and less respect from others. Surely people talked. His future was unclear and uncertain which is not the way you want to begin your marriage.

At some point must of thought, “God this is your mess. You clean it up. You got her pregnant. That baby is not mine. ” He could have walked way, but He stepped into that divine moment. Matthew 1:24 says”When Joseph woke up, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded and took Mary as his wife.” The only thing Joe received in return was God with him and that was enough. Instead of an ordinary life, he stepped into a extraordinary moment with God and his life was never the same again.

What extraordinary moment is God inviting you into? It will definitely be more difficult than choosing the ordinary path, but God will be there with you.

BTW…the song, “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas, always reminds me of Joseph. It’s often the smallest moments and decisions that move us from an ordinary life to an extraordinary life for God.




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