30/30: We Crawl

5 01 2009

Sometimes you hear a song that really articulates what you feel and communicates the hope that you need to keep moving forward. When my spiritual tank is empty, I often don’t have the strength to read the Bible or even pray. In those moments I turn to music. It’s funny, I can sing something when I can’t find the words to pray through what I am stuggling with. Last week I was whipped and this song rocked my world. God used it to reach me right where I was at. Sometimes we work to keep our image up. We give off the pretense of someone without problems who has it all together. What’s cool is that God knows you and me with all our hangups, hurts, and struggles and is very comfortable with the real you, not the image we project. The reality is we are not big, we are small. The reality is we are not always running forward acheiving great things, we’re just crawling through life. The reality is we are not alone, we are together with others and with Jesus…and there is nothing better in life than that.

The Polyphonic Spree “We Crawl”




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