quote of the week: Are You Generous?

23 01 2009

_organic-god-cover-final-full-sizeMargaret Feinberg in her book the organic God” has been rocking my world lately. If you are looking for a book that will challenge and encourage you on the journey of seeking God, check it out. Her stories and insights have made me think about God in fresh ways. In the chapter on “outrageously generous,” made me reexamine how generous God has been to me and how He is calling me to live a more generous life to others.

“At times I foolishly hold back that which should be given freely given, or am I tempted to give for the wrong reasons, but slowly I’m finding more joy in generosity. I am discovering the God doesn’t want just want tme to give until it hurts, but rather given until it feels good. If I wait until I am in the mood to give, it might be awhile. If I go ahead and give out of obedience or in response to a need, joy usually follows.”

I also realizing that my attidude and actions reveal a lot about what I really think about God. Do I see God as a giver, then I can’t help but become more generous, but if I quietly see God as a taker or begrudging in any way, then I will hold on to my possessions with a firmer grasp. My given exposes what I really believe is the true souse of all the things I possess – everything from time and money to clothes and cars. If I think everything comes from my own labors and work, then I will be slower to give than if I recognize that all good things – including material things – come from God….

I am discovering that God doesn’t invite us into his generousity to take something away from us as much as he wants tot give us something that we can’t get any other way. When we give freely, we become more free ourselves. We become less attached to the the things of this world and more attached to the world to come. We make the transition from having an inward focus to having an outward one, and in the process we reflect the radiance of our Creator.”




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