Lust: 5 Questions Every Man Needs to Ask

11 02 2009

smp-imageOne of the biggest temptations that takes out a man of God is…lust. Often times when it comes to sexual temptation, we say that it’s “no big deal” or “I can handle this.” But if we are going to get the finish line of our faith and stay faithful to our spouse, we need to a make a commitment like Job. “ I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a girl.” Job 31:1. We need to get serious about developing a sexual strategy to stay faithful. So stop being a wuss and man up!

Am I Man Enough to…

1. Geographically avoid the wrong environments? Am I willing to avoid those areas that I struggle? Strip clubs, late night on the computer, etc.

2. Relationally avoid being alone with someone of the opposite sex? Am I willing to put boundries up like “no” traveling or lunches alone with somene of the opposite sex?

3. Emotionally have my needs met by no one other than my spouse? Most affairs start with an emotional connection, not a physically connection. Am I willing to only talk about personal marriage issues with my spouse?

4. Technologically put to filter on my computer?

5. Be Accountable to be asked the tough questions? Men we can’t be who God has called us to be alone. Am I willing to develop close friendships with other men who will consistently ask me “How are you doing with God? How’s your thought life? How’s your marriage?”

When the stats are as high as 50% of married men and 43% of married women will end up having an affair, we need to pull out all of the stops to be intentional about sexual purity.



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