How Epic and Jesus Changed My Life

12 03 2009

Last week, we asked Epic attenders to share “How Epic / Jesus Has Changed my life.” Here are responses…This is why we faithfully serve in a ministry. This is why we sacrificially give to Christ. This is the reason we exist…thank you Epic Volunteers.

  • Thankful for Epic -it is a place that my daughter feels safe.
  • Support through the good times and tough ones.
  • I  know I can wear jeans to church and not feel guilty
  • Everyone is happy. Jesus and Epic are a light of hope in this dark world.
  • Epic has helped me develop my life into one I know God is proud of.
  • After college I had no direction and a series at Epic helped me find a career path that I love..
  • It has brought my awareness in the Lord on a daily basis. I look forward to coming to Epic every Sunday.
  • Our life has been enriched beyond all prayer requests desired/wished.
  • My wife and I come from very different religious backgrounds, Epic makes both of us comfortable.
  • I know Jesus can take care of all things.  I’ve learned to enjoy every moment and trust God with the rest.
  • Brought me closer to Christ.
  • I had not been to church in a few years and I came to Epic and have gotten closer to Jesus again.
  • I’ve never felt so much hope and chance that I feel after leaving each service.
  • Epic helps me open my heart and accept Christ in my life rather then avoid Him in fear of the unknown.
  • He accepts and loves me when I sin and beat myself up.  He told me that I am his daughter.
  • Belonging to a community , supporting me in my struggles
  • We actually turned in our membership papers today! We’re so excited to be part of the Epic family.
  • It’s a place where I belong and feel accepted.
  • Epic has brought God to be a priority in my life.  I now have a craving for Him and can’t go without Him.
  • Brought me into a REAL relationship with God not just a “Sunday Christian”
  • Going to church now has meaning rather then being repetitious prayers. Epic reaches out to touch it’s members and the community
  • Epic has brought our family closer. Our hearts are lighter and happier.
  • Epic has made me look forward to going to church.  It has also brought Jesus back into my life.
  • Never used to think that God was anywhere outside the church.
  • It provides a dedicated time each week to reflect on my spirituality, and choices in my daily life.
  • A place where I feel accepted and encouraged no matter my issues or struggles.
  • Helped me to turn my worries and stress over to God.
  • Epic has made it so easy for me as a young woman to be an important part of the church.
  • It has made me realize that I want to develop my relationship with God!
  • Epic is so much more then just church on Sunday, we do life together all week long .



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