A Real Leader.

27 05 2009

I’ve been listening to Unleash 09 Conference at NewSpring Church. IT ROCKS! In the breakout on Worship Planning, this was a great list on actions of a REAL leader.

A Real Leader…

  • looks to get involved in solving problems instead of running from them.
  • defends his team first before making excuses for himself.
  • rejects offers to leave his team for the sake of personal advancement.
  • knows when he is placing a lid on the ones he leads and is quick to get out of their way.
  • inspires those he leads with his commitment, care, attitude and effort… and then his words… if necessary.
  • speaks truth in love and never forsakes the vision or lowers the bar.
  • inspires growth without demanding it from those he leads.
  • is one his people want to be around and not one they dread seeing.
  • has a desire to be led and not left alone.
  • realizes that he is a part of the teamnot above or better than the team.
  • encourages and invites critique of his abilities from the ones he leads.
  • sees defeat as a learning experience and not the end of the world.
  • stays calm in the midst of calamity and does his best leading when the times are the toughest.
  • doesn’t make decisions by looking at popular opinion or traditional values.
  • challenges the status quo and risks his reputation to do so… not for notoriety or gain, but because its the right thing to do is followed.



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