Four Questions to Stay on Fire For God

22 06 2009

You asked for it screen02Last Sunday@Epic, we answered your question “How Do You Stay on Fire For God?”

The first step to keep my faith white hot is to take personal responsibility for my spiritual journey. Over the years, I’ve found myself giving excuses as to why I am not fired up spiritually. I’ve blamed churches, other people, my circumstances and even God for my lack of spiritual growth. I say things like “If ______ would happen or if this person would do ________, then I would be fired up!” But I was wrong. Change doesn’t come from the outside in, but from the inside out. Personally, I have found I need to do what David did in 1 Samuel 30:6 ” David strengthened himself with trust in his God.” He went to God and took responsibility for his spiritual life.

Here’s four categories and questions I weekly ask myself:

1. QUIET: When did you hang out with Jesus this week?

2. NOISE: What did I specifically praise Jesus for this week?

3. JOURNEY: Who in Christian community was I authentic with this week?

4. SERVE: Who did I love and reach out to this week?

On a weekly basis, I need to be intentional about all four of those areas in my life. Why? Because the greatest thing I bring to my workplace, my neighborhood, and my family is a person who is fully fired up in my relationship with Christ.




4 responses

22 06 2009
Mike Maiorana

I missed yesterday’s service but am curious to know what the questions were!

22 06 2009
David York

Great answers and thoughts for all of us, so only the one question was answered?
Are the other three going to be answered in the next three weeks.
Why Suffering? How do I know God is with me?
How to forgive those who betray us?


22 06 2009
Tim Kade

Mike – the other questions from last week were: What About Dinosaurs? Why Does God Allow Suffering? How Do I Know God is With Me When I Face Tough Decisions? How Do You Forgive Those Who Betray You?

22 06 2009
Tim Kade

Dave, I thought I’d put some of the content from the message in addition to the verses. So stay tuned…I’ll be posting them this week.

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