Take the QUIZ: Boring Life Indicator

3 11 2009

Take the Boring Life Indicator QUIZ: (check all that apply)

___If your plans for this weekend, look like your plans for last weekend.

___If you talk about characters on TV like they are a friend of yours.

___If most of your conversations are about work or the kids.

___If the best stories from your life where when you were drunk.

___If your conversations are often about something on a screen (ballgame, TV show, News, Facebook, etc).

___If your best stories as a Christian, were from more than a year ago.

___If your Monday looks like your Tuesday, which looks like your Wednesday…

___If you schedule your life around something on TV.

___If joining a small group is the most daring thing you’ve done as a Christian.

live the adventure imageChrist said “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10). Often times we settle for a bunch of stuff that is not necessarily bad, but is far short of the adventurous life that Jesus is calling us to live. Christ invites us to follow him and life an original life that only we can life. He has uniquely gifted you, given you a unique personality and is personally calling you to impact this world. Could it be your life your life could be more than your living now? Could it be that God is a unique role that only you can play in this world?

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This Sunday, Nov. 8 @ Epic … On Your Mark




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