What Facebook & Twitter Have Taught Me

11 11 2009

One year ago today I joined Facebook (Thank you Stephen Zehnder). And about six months later, I started on Twitter. I’ve learned so far:

1. The World is Small. I’ve connected with some great people who I never would have met before. I’ve caught up with old friends that I haven’t seen in years. The kids have connected with friends in China and amazingly I’ve grown closer with people who live next store.

2. Concise Writing. As someone who’s a creative thinker and spiritual writer, it’s forced me to organize my thoughts into smaller soundbites. 140 characters is tough, but it a great discipline in choosing your words carefully.

3. Personal Growth. TweetDeck moved Christian leaders and thinkers from podcast and conferences, to right in front of me. Their new insights and new learnings have become my new learnings, and it’s forced me to be more authentic with my life and faith journey.

4. To Break Down Walls. In America, we tend to stay in our little cliques of people who believe the same thing we believe and think the same way we think. I’m more interested in meeting people who are different from me. The diversity of ideas and thinking is amazing and forces me to rethink old positions and discover new directions.

5. Community. In ministry, my goal is to inspire others where ever they at in their spiritual journey, from not even interested in anything spiritual to connected in a church. The conversations are awesome. With my community at Epic, it’s helped build deeper relationships, keep everyone informed about events and spur one another on.

6. Laughter. People are funny and say some hilarious stuff. SERIOUSLY. You make me laugh!




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