30/30: Regret. Worry. Live This Moment

31 12 2009

One of my 2009 learnings came this past summer during an Epic Day Away with Jesus at the Rochester Park. That morning I had two thoughts running through my mind: Regret and Worry. I had been dealing with regret over some decisions I had made in the past and at the same time I was worrying about what the future holds.

I sat down to pray on the shore of the river that runs through the park. It was a great spot right at where the water bends around the corner. As I reflected, I was wondering what was around the bend in both directions. Where did this river begin and where did it end? I could see neither. The only part of the river I could only see was this little bend right in front of me.

As I kept praying, it was like God was saying, “Tim, this is exactly like your life. You can’t see this whole river. You are spending your life regretting mistakes in the past. You are spending your time worrying about things in the future which haven’t been yet. You can’t go back to the past and you can’t see into the future, but you’ve got a clear view of this little stretch of river in front of you. That is the only thing you can see and the only things I am revealing to you. Your regret of the past and your worry about the future is ruining your life in the present. The moment you are living is RIGHT NOW. THIS is the ONLY moment you can live and the only moment you should live. Don’t miss what I’m doing right now!”

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.”1 Peter 5:7




One response

6 03 2010
Nicole Lyn Rozier

Your archive from Dec. o9, was so perfectly put! Thank you! Yep that is me the worry wart, I’ve been working on it real hard and I feel a whole lot better, However, I do know our Church and it’s entire family have save me in a very huge way!
That is God working through you, for all of us!
Thank You Nicole

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