MythBusters Video #4: Mail a Coconut

29 03 2010

Is a Coconut a self contained package you can put in the mail?  In Week #4 of the MythBusters Series, the Epic Team tackled the US Post Office’s claim that you can mail a coconut without a box.

The “live” MythBusters Team explained the post office WOULD NOT mail it and they had to put it in a envelope and BUSTED the myth.


30 Days with Jesus

28 03 2010

A Verse from the Gospels for 30 days from April 5 – May 4.

It’s an invitation to know Jesus personally, reflect on His Word throughout the day and allow Him shape your life in new ways. Let your roots grow down into Christ and let your lives be built on him. Colossians 2:7

2 Different Ways to Get Involved

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Faith and Doubt

25 03 2010

Sometimes I think people who have faith are afraid to admit they have doubts. But in Matthew 28:16-17, there is this really weird ending to the gospel story. After the resurrection, right before Jesus sends the disciples into world, it says this…

Then the disciples went to the mountain where Jesus told them to go. When they saw Him, they worshipped Him, but some doubted. Matthew 28: 16-17

Isn’t that crazy? These people listened to Jesus, followed Him, saw him Him crucified, saw Him rise again, but still some had doubts. I find that very encouraging. Often I feel the way Dale Bruner puts it…“The Christian faith is bi-polar. Disciples live their life between worship and doubt, trusting and questioning, hoping and worrying.” Ever been there?

There are a couple of things I find amazingly encouraging in that story of worshipping doubters. First, Matthew in not afraid to include them in his story. He is so authentically honest about their struggles. The second is even more amazing, Jesus includes them in His story. These are the people He uses to impact the world. I love the way John Ortberg says it:

“You go! You doubters, go. You risk your lives for Me. You change your world for Me. And you will find as you go that it is your own doubts that are healed. You doubters are included too.”

This Sunday…Busting Some Faith Myths!

BUSTED: Science Myths

24 03 2010

Last week, Epic continued the MythBusters Series. We engaged the magnum opus of God’s creative genius, our mind. So many times Christians wade around in the shallow end of challenging questions which is a shame. We are called to not just love the Lord your God with all your heart, but also with all your mind (Luke 10:27). Loving God with half your mind doesn’t cut it. A half-minded Christian is no better than half-hearted one. So we engaged our mind fully and busted four bigtime science myths.

1. The scientific method makes the belief in God obsolete.

2. Science is the enemy of religion.

3.To become a Christian, you have to check your brain at the door.

4. The scientific method can answer the deepest questions about life.

This Sunday…Busting Some Faith Myths!

New Series @ Epic: Live Like Jesus

23 03 2010

Imagine how the world would change if every person was a little bit more like Jesus. While there will never be anyone like Him, spiritual growth happens when we realize that Jesus is not just a deity to pray to, but someone to know personally and pattern our lives after. Join us a the divine invitation to live like Jesus.

Prevail like Jesus – April 4
Integrity Like Jesus – April 11
Invest Like Jesus – April 18
Talk Like Jesus – April 25
Lead like Jesus – May 3

MythBusters Video #3: Walk on Water

23 03 2010

Can someone walk on water? Week #3 of the MythBusters Series and the Epic Team is tackling Non-Newtonian fluids.

This Sunday…Busting Some Faith Myths!

BUSTED: Relationship Myths

19 03 2010

Last week Epic continued the MythBusters Series and busted five bigtime relationships myths. Of all the weeks of this series, these myths make people miserable more than any other. They sound so good, but leave us longing for something that doesn’t exist and often ruin our relationships in the process.

1. People are basically good.

2. You need to find “THE ONE.“

3. Staying ‘in love’ is the key to a great relationship.

4. You can’t love others unless you love yourself.

5. Your happiness is the most important thing in your life.

This Sunday…Busting Some Science Myths!