Living with the End in Mind

16 03 2010

Epic is a young community of people, so I rarely do funerals. So what are the odds I have two in one week. Exceptionally Rare.

But here I am. Two families at Epic had a parent pass away last weekend and I had the privilege to walk with them through the loss of a loved one. Death has a funny way of making you think about life. Death has a way of bringing clarity to why you are living. Your views about death will ultimately shape how you live your life today. Here’s three thoughts from this week:

1. All of us will be remembered for something. It made me wonder, what stories will people say about me when I’m gone?

2. The reality of the afterlife not based off what we believe. There is an ultimate truth that exists outside of our opinions. The truth about death and what’s next is not determined by me, but the Creator of life. Have we investigated what this truth really is?

3. In the middle of a crisis, the most important thing we need isn’t religion or even faith. What we ultimately need is Christ.




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