5 Reasons I Let My Daughter Go on a Mission Trip

5 04 2010

Sending your daughter to another country on a mission trip, can bring up a lot of fears in parents. “Is it safe? Aren’t you afraid? What is something happens?” This year something did happen.

Yesterday my 14-year-old daughter and team were at the epicenter of the 7.2 earthquake in Mexicali, Mexico. All the kids where fine (FREE PRESS ARTICLE), but what if something happened? I am sure some of you will disagree with his post, so comment away.


1. She Doesn’t Belong to Me. As parents our kids are on loan from God. They belong to Him. We get the joy of guiding them, encouraging them, building values into them for a season of their life, but ultimately their life is in God’s hands, not ours. We often forget the end goal of parenting: To raise them up…so we can let them go. That is not easy, but it’s true.

2. Playing It Safe is Risky. Sometimes Christians say “the center of God’s will is the safest place to be.” That’s crazy! The center of God’s will is the most dangerous place to be. The center of God’s will took Jesus to the cross and took His disciples to dangerous places around the world. Christ’s calling today is still the same today…for us and our children: to risk our lives for the greatest cause in the world to “Go into the world and make disciples of all nations” Matthew 28:18

3. Life is Meant to Be Lived by Faith, not Fear. Often times as parents, we try to protect our kids because WE don’t want to go through the ANXIETY of seeing them get hurt. Our motivation is really selfish and we often project that fear on them. But Christ doesn’t want them (or us for that matter) to live that way . He says don’t live in your fears…face your fears and live by faith.

4. Love Can’t Be Controlled. The greatest thing about love is you can’t control it. Love extends. Love sacrifices. Love reaches out. Love is never meant to be kept to itself. When our children experience firsthand the amazing, unconditional and sacrificial love of Christ personally, they will want to love Him back by sharing that love with others…even if it means that takes them outside of the country.

5. There is No Greater Calling Than to Follow Christ. As parents, we sometimes think that the primary relationship in the life of our kids is US, their parents. The primary relationship in the life of our children should be Christ. We forget our goal is to help them listen to the One who’s created them, the One who’s redeemed them and One who calls them to follow Him WHERE EVER He leads them to go.Ultimately the only way to live this spiritual adventure is to live your life like today may be your last.




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5 04 2010

I’m with you – the greatest comfort and confidence we have is that our children were born for such a time as this. God has equipped them to live and thrive and shine in THIS day and age. As parents, our responsibility is to teach them Jesus by example, encourage their gifts, instill confidence and courage, and love them unselfishly. Thank God for His grace as we try to get it right.

brave post – blessings – Beth

6 04 2010
Nicole Lyn Rozier

I agree with you! I was awake all night last night praying for everyone, parents and kids. I know God will protect them. I know as well what it is like to let our children go and grow! My girls are far away, we miss each other but they are strong and on track.
I was in Toronto 20 years or so ago, when Montreal had an earthquake, it shook my whole home and furniture was moving, of course I was alone, but the fear went away, another process to make me stronger, I was safe with my baby daughter.
Thank God for he will take care of these blessed children!
I’m still praying for everyone!

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