2010 Epic Student Video

18 04 2010

A few highlights what the Epic student are up to in 2010: Prison Break at Concordia College, Spring Hill and Mission Trip to Mexicali Mexico.




5 responses

19 04 2010
Jodi Kade

Thanks for making this video Tim. It turned out great! It brought tears to my eyes when we played it in service. We really have a great bunch of youth here at Epic!

19 04 2010
Laura Koss

I just love this place!!!!!!

20 04 2010

This video is outstanding. We need to share this with others. Can we make multiple DVDs and hand-out to those who are interested in growing their children’s faith.

21 04 2010
Jacklyn Steinbrenner

Thanks for letting me share in a small part of your Activate kids’ lives. Their energy, love, joy and faith is so contagious. Epic’s youth are amazing!

2 05 2010
Sandy Mork

Thank you so much for the video. Great work!!! Brings tears every time I watch it, very emotional. Awesome group of young people.

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