TeamEpic Night

27 09 2010

We’re kicking off the ministry year big time with an amazing night for everyone at Epic. We’ll have a special DVD teaching by Rob Bell, one of the most gifted leaders in the church today. It’s a time meet others, enjoy dinner and experience ministry team time. We’ve revamped the kids program, as well. Don’t miss it.
Date: Wed. Oct. 6
Time: 6:30-8:30 PM
Where: Hart Middle School


10 LIES Your Mom Told You…

13 09 2010

Mom believed them. She tried her best to convince you they were true, but scientifically they are ALL FALSE. Sorry Mom.

10. Don’t pick up that toad…you’ll get warts.

9. Sitting close to the TV will RUIN your eyesight.

8. Eating carrots will IMPROVE your eyesight.

7. Don’t eat chocolate…it will give you  ZITS.

6. Don’t cross your eyes…you’ll STAY like that.

5. If you shave your facial hair, it will grow back thicker.

4. Don’t swallow your GUM…it will take 7 years to pass.

3. Don’t crack your knuckles, they will get HUGE.

2. Don’t go outside with WET HAIR, you’ll get a cold.

1. You have to WAIT an hour after you eat to go swimming or you’ll get cramps and DIE.


13 09 2010

SATAN. BEELZEBUB. LUCIFER. The red scaly guy with a tail and pitch fork. Whatever image your mind conjures up when you think about the devil, the Bible is very clear about who he is & what he does. He tempts, accuses and condemns, steals, kills and destroys – lying & manipulating to believe what he says.

But you don’t have to believe him. You can fight back. Join us at Epic for “Five Lies of the Devil,” as we learn some common untruths the devil uses and how to find the truth in every situation.

Sept. 12 – God Will Never Put More On Us Than We Can Handle

Sept. 19 – Follow Your Heart

Sept. 26 – Church Just Wants Your Money

Oct. 3 – My Faith is a Private Issue

Oct. 10 – It’s Just Sex

Been Blogged Off Way to Long

13 09 2010

I went on vacation in August and have pretty much blogged off for the last 6 weeks…It’s time to Blog on.

I feel like my blog needs to be refreshed and renewed. So it’s time to start working on EpicVelocity 2.0.