10 LIES Your Mom Told You…

13 09 2010

Mom believed them. She tried her best to convince you they were true, but scientifically they are ALL FALSE. Sorry Mom.

10. Don’t pick up that toad…you’ll get warts.

9. Sitting close to the TV will RUIN your eyesight.

8. Eating carrots will IMPROVE your eyesight.

7. Don’t eat chocolate…it will give you  ZITS.

6. Don’t cross your eyes…you’ll STAY like that.

5. If you shave your facial hair, it will grow back thicker.

4. Don’t swallow your GUM…it will take 7 years to pass.

3. Don’t crack your knuckles, they will get HUGE.

2. Don’t go outside with WET HAIR, you’ll get a cold.

1. You have to WAIT an hour after you eat to go swimming or you’ll get cramps and DIE.




One response

3 10 2010

Carrot Juice is good for inflammation and arthritis…

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