13 09 2010

SATAN. BEELZEBUB. LUCIFER. The red scaly guy with a tail and pitch fork. Whatever image your mind conjures up when you think about the devil, the Bible is very clear about who he is & what he does. He tempts, accuses and condemns, steals, kills and destroys – lying & manipulating to believe what he says.

But you don’t have to believe him. You can fight back. Join us at Epic for “Five Lies of the Devil,” as we learn some common untruths the devil uses and how to find the truth in every situation.

Sept. 12 – God Will Never Put More On Us Than We Can Handle

Sept. 19 – Follow Your Heart

Sept. 26 – Church Just Wants Your Money

Oct. 3 – My Faith is a Private Issue

Oct. 10 – It’s Just Sex




2 responses

3 10 2010

I don’t know. Can you prove that he is anything more than a projection of the human psyche, an imagined external entity we can pin our perceived shortcomings on, or a rallying point for a common fight against evil?

4 10 2010
Tim Kade

Zeb…long time, no chat. I just noticed you are shutting down your blog…bummer. How are you doing?

Nope can’t prove it, but my logic would go like this. Jesus who was a real historical figure (who I believe also was really God), referred to Satan not as an imagined entity, but a real entity who is actively moving and acting in this world.

Beyond that are things I’ve personally experienced. When I lived in Africa (which thinks, acts and believes in the supernatural in a way dramatically different cultural way than the Western post enlightenment way of separating the spiritual world from the natural world), I saw numerous manifestations of supernatural evil. Sometimes in the West we are nieve…

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