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16 06 2011

I decided to move forward with a new blog at

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Epic Forward Nights: RSVP Today

27 10 2010


Christ built His church to go only one direction… Forward. Why? Because…
…Christ is always about leading forward.
…He is always about advancing forward.
…He is always about moving forward in faith.

He called Abraham to go forward to a land he’d never seen. He called Moses to go forward across a sea without a boat. He called Joshua to attack a city with nothing but trumpets. The call Christ placed on Epic is no different…To Move Forward by Faith.

Because YOU are critically important to Epic’s forward vision, I want to hear from you. This November, you’re invited to an “Epic Forward” Night. It’s an evening to share your  thoughts, fellowship with other Epic people & hear where the Holy Spirit wants to take us forward in 2011.

Each identical meeting will be from 7-8:30pm. Three of the six homes are kid friendly (indicated by **)…so bring your children.

Epic Forward Nights
Rochester Hills – Monday, Nov. 1
530 Shortridge, Rochester Hills, MI  48307
RSVP: Laura Claussen at

Lake Orion** – Tuesday, Nov. 2
2130 Huntington, Lake Orion, MI  48360
RSVP: Laura Koss at

Rochester – Thursday, Nov. 4
851 Majestic, Rochester, MI 48306
RSVP: Cindy Barrow at

Shelby Twp** – Monday, Nov. 8
3636 24 Mile Road, Shelby Twp, MI  48316
RSVP: Denise Hillbom at

Macomb Twp** – Tuesday, Nov. 9
51749 Sequoya, Macomb, MI  48042
RSVP: Michele Syska at

Warren – Wednesday, Nov. 10
4206 Linville, Warren, MI  48092
RSVP: Macair Gordon at

What to do:
1. Pick ONE evening & location that works for your schedule.
2. RSVP to the host.
3. Bring a dessert to pass.

10 LIES Your Mom Told You…

13 09 2010

Mom believed them. She tried her best to convince you they were true, but scientifically they are ALL FALSE. Sorry Mom.

10. Don’t pick up that toad…you’ll get warts.

9. Sitting close to the TV will RUIN your eyesight.

8. Eating carrots will IMPROVE your eyesight.

7. Don’t eat chocolate…it will give you  ZITS.

6. Don’t cross your eyes…you’ll STAY like that.

5. If you shave your facial hair, it will grow back thicker.

4. Don’t swallow your GUM…it will take 7 years to pass.

3. Don’t crack your knuckles, they will get HUGE.

2. Don’t go outside with WET HAIR, you’ll get a cold.

1. You have to WAIT an hour after you eat to go swimming or you’ll get cramps and DIE.


13 09 2010

SATAN. BEELZEBUB. LUCIFER. The red scaly guy with a tail and pitch fork. Whatever image your mind conjures up when you think about the devil, the Bible is very clear about who he is & what he does. He tempts, accuses and condemns, steals, kills and destroys – lying & manipulating to believe what he says.

But you don’t have to believe him. You can fight back. Join us at Epic for “Five Lies of the Devil,” as we learn some common untruths the devil uses and how to find the truth in every situation.

Sept. 12 – God Will Never Put More On Us Than We Can Handle

Sept. 19 – Follow Your Heart

Sept. 26 – Church Just Wants Your Money

Oct. 3 – My Faith is a Private Issue

Oct. 10 – It’s Just Sex

Been Blogged Off Way to Long

13 09 2010

I went on vacation in August and have pretty much blogged off for the last 6 weeks…It’s time to Blog on.

I feel like my blog needs to be refreshed and renewed. So it’s time to start working on EpicVelocity 2.0.

Sleeping Bear Dunes: Family Review

2 07 2010

One of our favorite family places in Michigan is Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. Last weekend, we had the chance to go again and create some great family memories. There is a lot to do and see up there, but here’s few of the Kade Family Favs!

1. Best Beach: Platte River…Right before it enters Lake Michigan.  The water is warmer than Lake Michigan and a great place to play. Bring some tubes and have a family member drop some of you off up the river and float down the river to where you are.

2. Best Kayaking: Crystal River in Glen Arbor. We’ve kayaked the Platte River as well, but our entire family said the Chystal was a much better experience. We HIGHLY recommend THE RIVER for Kayak rental. It’s a local family owned business. Two of kids had never kayaked alone and the owner Mike Sutherland was great at calming their nerves and giving them confidence. And they have the sweetest car in Glen Arbor.

2. Best Movie Place: Cherry Bowl Drive In. Honor, MI. It’s fantastic. The do the total 50s experience, complete with freshly popped popcorn, swings at the base of the screen, oldies music and CLASSIC commercials that will crack you up. Bring a blanket,  camping chairs and pull your van in backward for a memorable family experience.

4. Best Hike: Forget the walk to the shore on the Dune Climb. Our family thinks that’s hot and boring. We love the 2.8 trail at the end of Sleeping Bear Point (Past the Coast Guard Museum).  When you walk though Ghost Forest, everyone in the family has to press a tree over their head. Start to the right. It’s the best trail in the park.

5. Best Ice Cream: Frankfort.  Take a  walk out to the breakwater lighthouse and then back in to enjoy the quaint downtown.

6. Best Sunset Place: The top of the 450′ hill overlooking Lake Michigan (on Pierce Stocking Drive). Get there an hour before sunset so you have time to run down the hill 450′ and feel the complete burn in your legs coming back up. Emily’s holds our family record with a time of 8 minutes up from the water to the top. It takes me 30-45 minutes to get back up.

7. 2nd Best Sunset Place: Empire Beach. In addition to the great beach, there are great swings, a cool play set and some very interesting locals playing basketball.

I hope that Sleeping Bear brings as many wonderful memories for your family as it does for ours. Have an amazing vacation!

What Faith is Not…

18 05 2010

1. Faith is Not a Feeling. Feelings come and go. Sometimes you get the joy of great feelings in Christ, sometime the feelings just aren’t there. Sometimes, we get hung up on wanting certain feelings, but our hope is in Christ and his sure foundation, not the shaky foundation of feelings. Doubt is not the opposite of faith. Unbelief is. The real question is what you do with your doubts. Instead of letting your doubts drive to discouragement, let them drive you to Jesus and the new discoveries He has to deepen your faith.

2. Faith is not a Contract.
Sometimes we make deals with God (maybe not not verbally or intentionally). We think if we pray, serve him, go to church, etc., He will open up doors and make things easy and wonderful for us. We’re often not asking for a lot, just one thing or two really important things that He could do for us. If He would just come through, we think we would be fine. And when it doesn’t happen when and how we want it, we feel let down by God. But God is God and we are not. If the only thing Christ gave us was forgiveness of our sins and eternity with Him, we would have enough to praise Him nonstop, 24-7 the rest of our lives.

3. Faith is Not About Us. We want God to be part of our story, but His plan is so much bigger. He wants us to be part of His story. It may seem like a subtle difference, but it’s huge. He sets the agenda and our job is to surrender all of ourselves to Him.

4. Faith is Trust. Simply put, faith is complete dependence on Christ and what He has done for you. Faith is following Him when you cannot see where He is taking you. Faith is holding on to the fact that Christ is holding on to you.