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God is writing an epic story in the world and you have crucial role to play. The journey of faith is a conversation with God as well as an interaction with others. I pray this conversation will help you discover more about Jesus Christ and how you can live the adventure of following Him.

charleyriveratyukon1.jpgRivers. Roads. God. A couple weeks back I was flying into Detroit. It was one of those rare spring days where the sky is clear and the sun is shining. Looking down at the earth, my eyes caught a winding river. It was amazing how much it went back and forth until it finally emptied into the Detroit River. At places it seems to go so far out of it’s way to get to it’s final destination. Crossing the river was I-75 and other man-made roads crisscrossing the landscape. Almost every single road was straight. Someone plotted out the shortest path to get from one place to another and built a road. Then it hit me…almost everything God makes is curved, non-linear and unique. Trees. Shorelines. Flowers. And almost everything man makes contains straight lines. Buildings. Roads. Books. Computers.

We often approach life and our spiritual journey in a linear way. What is the shortest path that I can get from where I am now to where I want to go? No detours. No curves. No distractions. I like things to happen quickly and I am focused on reaching the destination. But I think God has a different story unfolding in front of us. Because Christ is taking us on a journey, not just to a destination, there will be curves on our lives. He designed the world that way. He’s working in our lives that way. There are new things that He wants to reveal to us around every corner. I am learning to relax in the fact that life is unpredictable and enjoy the long and winding road.


Each week I post something that is called 30/30. It’s usually an insight or a challenge that God has shown me this week or it’s a point from the previous weekend message at Epic Church. The 30/30 comes from a little trip to the zoo by way of a great book “The Barbarian Way” by Erwin McMannus.


It’s the story of Rhinos and the story of us. Rhinos can run 30 miles an hour, which is pretty fast considering how much they weigh. A squirrel can actually only run 26 miles an hour. Not too fast and not too intimidating. But that is not the case with Rhinos when they move forward. They’ve got tonnage. The problem with Rhinos is that they can only see 30 feet in front of them. Imagine a group of rhinos traveling 30 miles an hour without knowing what is 30 feet ahead. You would think that their lack of vision would keep them from moving ahead at full speed. But with that horn pointing the way, they move forward at full steam.

When Rhinos move together they ironically are known as a crash. As followers of Christ, I believe that is what we are called to be. When we let go of our apprehension and timidity, the church becomes a crash…an unstoppable force. “We don’t have to pretend to know the future. Who cares that we can only see 30 feet ahead? Whatever’s at 31 feet needs to care that we are coming and better get out of the way.”

As God’s people we need to move together into an uncertain future with complete confidence. There’s a future to be created and world to be redeemed. “We need to stop wasting our time and stop being afraid of what we cannot see and do not know. We need to move forward full force because of what we do know.”

May this be the year we let go of our insecurity and crash together into the future that Christ is creating. May this be the year that you let go of your doubt and allow God to unleash the untamed faith within you.


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